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The city of Hajdúszoboszló has been famous for the thermal water springing forth from the deep for  eight decades. Thousands of tourists from Hungary and abroad visit the city year by year, seeking recreation, entertainment and convalescence. A grand series of programmes has been organised for the 80th anniversary of the opening of the bath. (Jubilee programmes)

Hungarospa Hajdúszoboszló Medicinal Baths are the biggest bathing complex in Europe today, where every generation may find entertainment.

Hungarospa Zrt. provides the following services:

  • Medicinal bath,
  • Open-air bath,
  • Aquapark,
  • Swimming pool,

The open-air bath lies within a park of 30 hectares; it is open between the 1st of May and the 30th of September each year. Each and every one of the pools are highly popular, age groups may find their entertainment.The most popular feature of the bath is the Mediterranean beach which is the largest artificial bathing pool in Central-Europe. A Mediterranean athmosphere is created by a sandy beach, a pirate ship, a lighthouse and a row of palm-trees.

The Aquapark is also located inside the open-air bath - it requires an extra ticket to visit the adventure bath. Those over 12 may use 9 kinds of giant water slides (the four-lane racing slide, kamikaze slide, hydro-slide, black hole, crazy river, giant slide, Niagara, big hole, twister); the total length of the slides is more than a kilometre. The children will be amused by the mini slides, the lifelike elephants and water castles in the pools, and the wooden playground. Children above 10 may also try out the giant slides with their parents' permission.

The indoor medicinal bath is open all the year round between 7 and 19 o'clock. The composition of the water is the same in all the thermal pools, it is only the temperature of the water that is different. The brownish colour of the "liquid gold" is caused by its high iodine and other mineral content. The recommended time to spend in the thermal pools is 20 minutes. Bathing can be repeated several times a day with the necessary intervals.

There are more than 40 kinds of treatments based on our tested and qualified medicinal water, that are beneficial for the following ailments:

  • chronic arthritis,
  • degenerative joint mutations,
  • chronic inflamed diseases of the spine,
  • chronic neuralgia, neuritis,
  • follow-up care after the Heine-Medin disease,
  • follow-up care of paralyses caused by cerebral haemorrhage brain surgeries, or other reasons,
  • chronic muscle pains,
  • follow-up care of sport and other injuries,
  • fractures,
  • certain kinds of vein stricture,
  • chronic gynaecological diseases,
  • infertility,
  • ichronic cutaneous diseases.


  • acute inflammatory deseases,
  • cancer or malignant tumor,
  • circulatory disorder,
  • serious rise in blood-pressure,
  • tuberculosis,
  • serious illness of the central nervous system,
  • infectious disease,
  • infectious, or repulsive cutaneous disease,
  • pregnancy.

The Árpád Indoor Swimming Pool is open all the year round; the establishment has a 8-track, 50-metre, streched surface pool, a beginners' pool, relaxing pools with medicinal water, a sauna, and standing solarium. Guests may enjoy refreshing massage and work out in the gym.

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